Email Template - FAQ

2. I have created a template using merge fields from several different objects, but some of the fields are not visible. How do I fix that?

Email templates can only refer to ONE object at a time, and the email eg: if an email is sent from a Contact record, any Payment Txn or Recurring Payment field values won't be visable.

The email template needs to be sent from the specific record it's referencing.

This is also because one Contact can have multiple other object records, and the template has no way of determining which record to reference.

If you require it to refer to fields from other objects, create matching custom fields on the object you are referencing from, and update the values using formula fields or workflows. Then use this field to merge.

3. I have activated the Send Pay Later Instructions workflow, but a different email get sent to Bank Transfers compared to Cheques, etc. I can only find the one email template which does not have this text, where is the Bank Transfer text coming from?

All pay later options, apart from Payment Schedule, will use the Pay Later workflow and email template if it is active. However, if the payment option selected is Bank Transfer, it will additionally insert any text from the Bank Transfer Instructions Field that sits on the Merchant Facility. Bank Transfer Pay later instructions the rest of the email template text.

If you do not want any bank transfer instructions, remove any text from Bank Transfer Instructions Field that sits on the Merchant Facility.

4. I want to change the email template on the Pay Later Instructions for Bank Transfers, but I can't find where the text is being sourced from. Where is it?

Some of the text is part of a custom label.

To edit, go to Setup>Custom Labels and find the label Checkout_Complete_Label_Bank_Transfer (Managed). Click edit and add your text.

Note: A number of Pay Later Instructions use this Custom Label setting including Invoice Me, Pay Later, EFT, etc. Check these areas if a similar situation arises. The text that the custom label is using is visible in the main list of custom labels.