2.7 June 2013

2.7 Release Notes

  1. Added Event Type “Tickets and Specify All Attendees”.  Also minor UI updates to Events, including help text for ticket types, position of ticket information on registration screen.
  2. Update to family memberships to correctly process memberships where non primary person ends up being the person renewing
  3. Update banking report to use a new “Banked Payment” field to differentiate transactions that are successful, vs. those that are in Error, but will be credited to bank account.
  4. Time based workflow templates setup to allow for exception emails on Batch Payments Processor should it stop working or not be restarted.
  5. Add a validation rule on Site URL to have “/” at the end.

2.7 Post upgrade notes

  • Add “Tickets and Specify All Attendees” to Payment_Type__c.Event_Type__c
  • Can setup timebased workflows for batch processor scheduling.