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How to setup Membership specific pricing for Events

In the Event Registration Form can I enter  member number and then purchase at a specific member rate?

On the Payment Option, there is a field call "Require Membership No".   If this is enabled, then a last name or company name for account level  members and membership no. will be required to be entered. The Payment Option is the type of ticket.  This  is the related record  to Payment form, that is related to the Merchant Facility. You will also need to activate a validation rule to enfoce the membership no.  See procedure:


The Membership Id (or Membership No) will also have to be added to the  Events Page Layout. To do this, first add Membership Id to the:

1. Payment Txn Object and check if it shows in Fields & Relationships, Page Layouts (Events Layout) and Fieldsets (eventPrimaryContactRegistration[02..10], there is a error in eventPrimaryContactRegistration01, please use any of 02...10 options only we will be updating soon)

Note: the [02..10] used needs to match the picklist value for "Event FieldSet Layout" on the Payment Form.

Please drag and drop the "Membership Id" field if not found in the Page Layout and Field Sets.

2. Payment Item Object, FieldSet: eventAttendeeContactRegistration[02..10]

Check if it shows in Fields & Relationships, Page Layouts (Events Attendee Layout) and Fieldsets (eventAttendeeContactRegistration[02..10]

3. Please go to "Payment Form Builder" of the particular Event Payment  Form click " Checkout" and see if the field "Membership Id" shown in  the list, if not drag and drop it and then click the "Refresh" button  and then Save. Now it should appear on the Payment Form.