9.2 November 2022

9.2 Release Updates


  • Added Payment Methods Apple Pay and Google Pay (Stripe SCA only)
  • Stripe metadata update improvements and webhook fail counts updated
  • Stripe Webhook to look for Payment Txn by TxnRef and Reference.  Improves scenario where multiple checkout charge attempts on Payment Txn can cause updates to be missed.
  • Changed Credit Card Watermark colours to match text input colours.  Makes contrast easier to visually see
  • Correction to incorrectly charging on sign up.  When Recurring set Yes - Tokenise on Signup, Charge on Selected Date and last day of month selected, but not actual last of month then a charge was incorrectly happening  should have been tokenise only.

Experience Cloud 

  • Payments2Us Checkout LWC - The Property "Checkout Site URL" is now correctly acknowledging with site parameters
  • Improved error handling of Payments2Us Checkout LWC

Mass Address Update

  • Will no longer error if just one contact is being processed in a batch
  • Better error logging and error checking when sending email errors report
  • There is no longer a need to have Merchant Facility  address validation options pre-selected in order to work
  • CSV error file generated now caters for commas in names

Import Files

Matching Rules


  • All recurring payments to have an “I agree message” for frequency and amounts
  • Recurring Name generated says Credit Card instead of Recurring for Credit Card transaction types
  • On the Merchant Facility, field “User Identification No.” is now 10 char (from 6)
  • Payments2Us Billing Check to no longer require a Active AND Primary Merchant Facility
  • Create Samples  Assigns Base Site URL for Enhanced Domains
  • Default text in email templates updated for:  Credit Card failed - card holder to update, Credit Card is about to expire, Account Membership Confirmation, Membership Confirmation, Payment Receipt, Mass Annual Statement w/ PDF, Single Annual Statement w/ PDF
  • Token charge LWC now caters for Donation Amount to replace Amount (set in fieldset on Payment Txn - tokenChargeTransaction)
  • Import File - Recurring Payment Day zero padded if need.  For example "7" imported becomes "07" to be a correct value.
  • Import File - Added new "Total Donation Amount" Roll Up Summary field.

Xero Integration

  • Added Validation for Xero Contact IDs
  • Improved error handling of invalid contact IDs
  • Modified Xero processors to better handle lack of Merchant Facility / License Options issues
  • Xero Validation Error fields trimmed to 1,000 characters to stop potential issues with package install/upgrades and error of "Custom long text area field limit exceeded".

9.2 Post upgrade steps

Merchant Facility Object Updates (Maintain in setup > Object Manager)

  • Field Payment Method: Change Label and API Name: GooglePay  --> Google Pay, ApplePay --> Apple Pay
  • Field dependency between Payment Gateway and Payment Method.  For Stripe SCA, Make the following Active: Google Pay,Apple Pay.
    NOTE: If you do not currently have a field dependency between these two fields, you can skip this step