2.0 February 2013

2.0 Release Notes

  1. Events Management Option.  Including multiple tickets types, Events Calendar, registration of single or multiple persons, add-to-calendar and more.
  2. Direct Debits Option.  For Australian banks.  Setup of recurring Direct Debits from within Salesforce.com, Extract for processing, Updates of exceptions and posting.
  3. Shopify Integration Option.  After an order has been paid for in Shopify, Salesforce is updated with the order header and line items details.  
  4. Roll your own theme  Custom UI Option.  Users have always been able to select from 22 different themes, now they can create their own colours and styles through jquery themeroller (http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/).
  5. License Manager.  Events Management, Direct Debits, Shopify and Custom UI are additionally licensed options.  These require a license key and expiry date from AAkonsult.
  6. Family Memberships (Subscription Groups).  This enables for entry of all subscriber members (eg. Members of a family) at the time of subscribing to a membership and updating during renewal.  This feature also allows for allocating (manual or automatic) of voting rights and primary contacts.
  7. Batch Processor.  A background processor runs every 10 minutes to start the matching/reconciliation process.  As this is run by an internal user, this means that details of Contacts can now be updated if the appropriate settings are enabled on the Merchant Facility Tab. This also means that if a person making a payment updates phone or address details then the Contact will now reflect the latest details.
  8. Matching/Reconciliation enhancements.  A new matching criteria for “Phone” has been added. In addition matching has been improved by removing spaces and non-numeric characters in phone numbers when comparing.
  9. Suggested Donation buckets has been increased from 3 to 5.
  10. The ability to specify a Campaign for Subscribe to Email is now available.
  11. If a subscription/membership payment is linked to a recurring payment and one of payment fails more than the specified threshold number of items, then the recurring payment is suspended and the subscription is ended.
  12. Payment Options can now be ordered in the checkout picklist.
  13. When using Account Matching of “Contacts and Organisations for Non-profits” in conjunction with Create Opportunities, then the Primary Contact Role is no longer created as this doubles up with the default settings in the Nonprofit Starter Pack.
  14. Manual Payments  retURL.  A new URL parameter has been added to enable organisations to specify where the user will be taken to after a manual payment has been made.


2.0 Post upgrade notes

Merchant Facility Page Layout

  • Batch Processor (add to Recurring Payment Processor Section)  visualforce component
  • Events Site URL
  • Custom UI
  • Direct Debit/ACH  add all fields
  • Additional License Options  Section


Merchant Facility Object, Record Types

  • Update License Options, Bank Codes, DD File Format picklist values
  • Add “Custom theme” to theme picklist options.  Remove old Payments Pro from available optiosn

Payment Type Page Layout

  • Enewsletter campaign
  • Suggested Donations  4,5
  • Shopify Webhook
  • Events Section

Payment Options  Page Layout

  • Record/Page Type:  Payment Option
  • Add field display order
  • New Section “Group/Family Subscriptions/Memberships”, “description”

Workflow rules

  • Field updates
    • set Status Receipting Complete must have “Re-evaluate Workflow rules”

Campaign  update 3 * event Sections


  • If running Background processor, then turn off Household Settings  Roll Up on Triggers setting and schedule in background.