6.15 November 2018

6.15 Release Notes

Lightning and user interface updates

  • All page layouts reviewed and updated to make better use of Lightning UI
  • Paths added where relevant
  • New field “Regular Payment Frequency” added to Payment Txn and added to contact layout view and direct debit views.  This means the actual recurring frequency is shown, vs. Önce-off.
  • Added new field “Email Payment Link” on contact.  This is to make it easier to generate an email with a link to ask for a payment.
  • Updated Custom Link on Payment form to cater for classic/modern Checkout Form


  • Donation By Name (Company/Organisation) increased to 80 characters
  • Fixed issue when using URL Tokens and Frequency set, but default frequency was not set.  Issued caused Frequency to be setup as One-off
  • When using donation with option (e.g. asking for a donation with memberships) and using suggested donations on the modern form, the selected option now defaults to “Not at this stage”
  • When using the Credit Card Payment from a Contact, should the contact have an active subscription then this was selected.  The behaviour has been changed to only use the default payment form.  Should the default form have a membership linked to it, then that will be used to default details in.
  • For Authorize.net.  All fields checked to make sure they do not exceed the maximum lengths allowed for by Authorize.net
  • URL Parameter for passing in MobilePhone for the Modern form was not working.  This has been fixed.
  • Corrected alignment of “Amount” field on Checkout display.
  • Added more div statements to allow for more options/flexibility for organisations using custom themes.
  • Token Charges now copy the masked card number to the Payment Txn record.

Payment Form Builder

  • Added preview for “Your website” and “Salesforce”.  Click on the eye icon tab to see preview.
  • Corrected issue where when using 2 or more custom sections and the fields inside the sections would become mixed up

Import Files

  • Donation Amount field added as standard field
  • Donation By Name (Company/Organisation) increased to 80 characters
  • Fixed issue on Import Files for organisations using Product Id.  Fundraisers were being also allocated a product id and causing the opportunity to have 2 lines items, instead of the one.

Matching Process

  • For Direct Debits, “Bank” is copied over from Payment Txn to the Recurring Payment.
  • For organisations that were data loading and the data load had an error, then it was possible for the total amount paid on the Opportunity to get out of synch.  This extremely rare use case has been corrected.

Membership Renewals/Confirmations/Annual Statements

  • Company Name Print now excludes “Individual”.  Ideal for organisations using bucket Account model
  • Subscription Memberships with Recurring Payments or Automatic renewals now copy all Subscriber Group members to the Payment Items related to the Payment Txn.  Fixing an issue where Group Members were removed on renewal.
  • If the primary contact is updated on Account Subscriptions, the print email receipt is also updated to that contact.
  • For Account Subscriptions and Subscriptions that are loaded into the system, the print email address receipt is now assigned on load.
  • Subscription Issues  Mailout Generation can now filter by Payment Option
  • Annual Statements now support an option to only include transactions that are linked to a Recurring Payment.


  • Fixed issue with Free Events were sending 2 receipts
  • Fixed issue with date fields not working correct on the registration screen

Merchant Facility

  • Have put more checks in for Recurring Payment processor.  If in a sandbox and the Salesforce Org does not match the current one, then the Run Now option is not visible.
  • If in a sandbox and the Salesforce Organisation Id is removed then it is no longer automatically updated to the current instance.
  • Run now only processes transactions for the current Merchant Facility.

6.15 Upgrade Notes