5.4 August 2016

5.4 Release Notes

Events updates

  • Sidebar widgets handle mobile responsiveness much better
  • Sidebar now uses the sidebar widgets features  allowing for more flexibility and more widgets
  • Fine tuning of input entry and look for mobile devices

Manage Event Attendee Groups

  • First release of new functionality for drag and drop management of event attendees.  This is very helpful for managing event types where tickets are sold for a team/table.  This allows for members of these teams to be easily added/moved. See: How to manage groups of peoples - tables/teams for more information

PxFusion Payment Gateway updates

  • Correction to issue when success URL specified and button on Complete page option was selected.  The issue was the completion page was being by-passed and the user directed to the success URL straight away.
  • Fixed issue where Payment For, Bank Account and Transaction Dates were not being populated.
  • Enabled to work when embedded as part of an iframe

Annual Statements

  • No longer required remote setting to be setup and updates to cater for Salesforce Critical update causing issues with PDF generation.

Direct Debits

  • Bulk updates now process all records that its able to and doesn't stop an entire group of 200 should just one record have an issue.


  • Fix of issue where amounts were being displayed correctly when a frequency of “Once-off Authorize” was selected and add-on suggested donations also enabled.
  • Fix of issue for subscriptions, where  if a canceled subscriber did a credit card update and then a subscription issue run was run  the subscriber would be included.

Miscellaneous updates

  • Merchant Fee now copied from Merchant Facility to Payment Txn for Credit Card type payments
  • Organisation and Organization now added as Donation by Options
  • Added more checks on Field Level Security to double check only administrator approved objects can be updated.
  • IP Whitelist added as related list to Merchant Facility.  This enables 3rd parties, such as outsource call centres to make unlimited number of transactions through your checkout form
  • When a custom field called “Status__c” exists on the contact; this will no longer impact manual payments linked to the contact.

5.4 Upgrade Notes