3.20 October 2014

3.20 Release Notes

  1. Checkout form
    1. New URL Token options and URL Parameter options to provide more control over the display
    2. hidePaymentOverview.  Enables the main text at the top of the payment form to be hidden.  This is a useful option when used with events.
    3. hidePaymentNote.  Hides the text at the bottom of the checkout form.
    4. hideCampaignOverview. Hides the Campaign Overview on the checkout form.  The Campaign Overview text appears if Payment Overview text is entered on a Campaign and that campaign is linked to the checkout form.
    5. Clicking on the Payment Express logo takes the user to a page that has more information about the PCI Compliance of both Payment Express and Salesforce (as the form is hosted by Salesforce.com)
    6. If using appeals, there is a new option on the Payment form that allows you to filter campaigns based on Campaign Type.  This is useful if you are using one instance of salesforce across multiple business units where you only want to have appeals shown that related to a specific business unit.
    7. If Catpcha’s are enabled, they will now only be shown on public facing web forms and not on internal usage.
    8. Terms and conditions field has been added to most field sets so this can be added to the checkout form.  Terms and conditions are maintained on the Merchant Facility and will be shown from a link/light box display.  This new feature is a useful way to show T&C’s on mobile devices without having the user navigate to a new page.
    9. A validation rule example has been added to provide a way of ensuring T&C’s are checked.
    10. For on invoice transactions where status is Awaiting Payment and if a donation is entered with suggested donations amount then the donation amount is now correctly shown when the payer clicks on the Pay Now link
    11. All custom field sections now have firstname, lastname, phone, mobile and email available.  This provides more flexibility and options for variations to contact information captured.
    12. Ability to have a button on confirmation page that enables navigation to another website/page.
  2. Payment Processing
    1. The rechecking of Payments that are not completed now changes the status to “Confirmation  Check” vs. Error if the user has not pressed the Pay Now button
    2. Person account matching process correction.  Used to report an error if a Person Account existed with same name, but was not a matched on address, phone, mobile, email etc.
  3. Manual Payments
    1. If manual payments are initiated from the Account Screen, then it will now go into Save mode, vs. Save and New.
  4. Recurring Payments
    1. A new custom object has been that links Payment Txns to Recurring Payments.  This enables for roll-up-summary fields to total details such as total payments, last payment/donation date, average donations etc. etc.
    2. Recurring payments now have two values  Donations and Amount.  This means a regular payment with donation can now be setup.
    3. If no maximum number of retry attempts is entered, then the system now defaults to 10, vs. previously being infinite.
  5. Events
    1. Buttons on Payment Form object and Sample about AAkonsult Payments now launch the Events for, vs. previously launching the checkout form.
    2. If Payment Option (ticket) has “Require Membership No”, then the membership number will be required when entered details and will be validated to ensure the contact is a current member and that the contacts surname is the same as the surname on the ticket.
    3. Upcoming Events and Event Calendar now only show Campaigns that are linked to Payment Forms with a Payment Form of Event.  This means Campaigns and Events don’t get shown together on the Calendar.
    4. Added two new reports and links on Campaign:
      1. Event Attendee List
      2. Event Group List
    5. If previous URL entered on Payment Form, then the “Back” button on the first screen of the events registration will now go to that field.
    6. Payment Items are now linked to Campaigns
  6. Memberships
    1. New option for Membership No. Search.  Option now include the ability to allow entry of last name and membership number to search on the public website OR to just validate the membership number on the public website, but allow internal (staff users) to enter and search/display membership details.
    2. Membership numbers have been increased to 8 digits.
    3. Renewals matching for subscriber groups.  If primary contact renews, but to a single type membership then remainder in subscriber groups will have their membership numbers removed and subscription/membership canceled.  
    4. If a non primary contact renews, but renews as a single, then they will be given a new membership number, subscriber group members will stay active.
    5. Some minor corrections to the setting of Primary Contact on renewals
  7. Refunds
    1. A workflow has been created for requesting refund approval.  This needs to be activated and the recipient of the email to be updated should you wish to use.
    2. A new button on the refund payment txn has been added for approving.  Also, a list view button has been added for approving multiple transactions at once.
  8. Receipts, Statements and Confirmations
    1. Logo is now right aligned
    2. A custom label has been added for the “Thank You” text so administrators can update.
    3. Statements had correction to work better from Contacts, Accounts and Campaign Members
    4. Receipt Date now respects local, so works better for North American customers
    5. Forms now respect the lang option enabling multiple language support


3.20 Post upgrade notes

  • Payment Form: Edit layout and remove  Enable membership search (old), add in Enable Membership Search.  
  • Update all Payment Form(s) that should have membership search enabled to have appropriate picklist value