3.16 July 2014

3.16 Release Notes

  1. Annual Statements have been added. These can be generated and stored against a contact record, along with mass emailing.  Annual statements are flexible with mail merged text and fieldsets to control which transactions details are printed.  Please see the Annual Statement part of this manual for more information
  2. Payment Forms object has been renamed to Payment Form. This more accurately reflects the roll of this object.
  3. About AAkonsult Payments. Provides better description if the user does not have Marketing User checkbox selected when attempting to create sample campaigns.
  4. Added workflow notification for Recurring Payments that are placed on to “Suspended - Max retries exceeded”

3.16 Post upgrade notes

  1. Need to add remote settings How to setup Annual Statements
  2. Add Annual Statement button  campaign (2 buttons), campaign member, contact
  3. Add Statement Text to Campaign

Statement Text Example

Dear {!Contact.FirstName},

Thank you so much for your committed support of {!Organization.Name} the 2013/2014 financial year via our regular giving program.

This financial year you have given us a total of {!numberOfPayments} donations, totalling {!totalAmount}, as pledged on a regular basis throughout the 2013/2014 financial year.

Your donations have made it possible for us to continue to offer a range of services.

I would like to again say thank you on behalf of everyone at {!Organization.Name}, for your valued contribution to our work.

Please find attached a list of donations received and your official receipt.


3.17 Post upgrade notes

Payment Options  update page layout for events to have “No. in group”

Payment Form:

  • added new value to picklist “Tickets and Optionally Specify Attendees”
  • Fields to page layout “Events Section”: Event Form Layout Options, Event Page URL