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Recent Updates

  • Your bank can provide you with Visa/MasterCard Merchant Facilities.

  • Payments2Us has been tested and works with the Nonprofit Starter Pack (available from Salesforce) with the following notes.  

    Disclaimer: Salesforce Foundation is constantly updating the Nonprofit starter pack and we cannot guarantee that this updates will never have an adverse affect on Payments2Us.  Please ensure testing new options and updates in Sandbox before deploying to production.

  • Updated on: Oct 29, 2019

    Merchant Facility - FAQ

  • Updated on: Oct 29, 2019

    How to send out Annual Statements (bulk)

    Often organisations are required to produce a statement or summary of transactions.

    • Non-profit organisations - summary of all donations given during the financial year so the donor can claim the tax deduction.
    • Corporates - list of transactions that a customer’s finance has asked for so they can reconcile their books.

    IMPORTANT: If you are on a version prior to 5.4, the before running statements for the first time, please make sure Remote Site URL has been setup. Go to the Installation Manual:   How to setup Annual Statements

  • Emails with PDF attachments can be generated by a special type of email called Visualforce Emails. This email can be used for receipts, membership renewal notices and membership confirmations.

    Quick Step Notes:

    The details merged are vary for the different PDFs being generated.  

    All templates will allow for mail merge of Salesforce User details and Organization details.

    • For receipts, details are merged from the Payment Txn object
    • For Membership Renewals notices or Membership Confirmations, these details are merged from the Subscription or Account Subscriptions that is related to the membership.

    For receipts, the text for the body is stored in the Campaign  Receipt Text, Payment Form  receipt text or the Merchant Facility Receipt Text.

    For membership confirmations and membership renewal notices, the body text is maintained on the Payment Form.

    The simplest way to create the mail merge fields is to use the standard Salesforce Email template maintenance and then copy/paste that text into your Receipt text located in the Payment Form.

  • Updated on: Oct 28, 2019

    How to resend receipts

    This process takes you through the steps on how to resend a receipt

    Quick Steps:

    1. Locate the Payment Txn record
    2. Scroll down the Activity History and press the Send Email
    3. Select an email template
    4. Select Folder Payments2Us
    5. Select Template
    6. Send
  • By default, the online payment receipts will come from the "Sites" guest user.

    Please make sure that the Check 'Name', 'Email' and 'Time Zone' - Important step for receipts was completed as part of the initial setup.

    The below steps provide an alternative option and is particularly useful for receipts that are sent for manual payments or credit card payments taken internally in your organisation (vs. from the public website).

  • Updated on: Oct 27, 2019

    How to change the email text

    This procedure takes you through the process of creating your own version of the email template used to send out PDF:

    • Receipts
    • Annual Statements
    • Invoices
    • Renewal Notices
    • Confirmation Notices

    We will be using Receipts as a step by step example.  The same steps will apply to the other document types, but they will be Clone off different originals.

    Quick steps:

    1. Locate template under the "Payments2Us" Folder in setup > Administration setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates
    2. Edit and Save

    Optional Clone quick steps

    1. Locate template under the "Payments2Us" Folder in setup > Administration setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates
    2. Edit and select all
    3. Create a new email template of type visualforce
    4. Paste values selected from point 2 above
    5. Edit the line that has "<c:PDFReceiptComponent PT="{!RelatedTo}" />" and change to "<AAkPay:PDFReceiptComponent PT="{!RelatedTo}" />"
  • Updated on: Oct 27, 2019

    How to choose send options for receipts

    There are a number sending of receipt options included with the standard package.