How do Teams or Individuals Sign-up

Teams or Individuals will be invited to sign up from a form linked to your website, or from an email that you have sent this.  This link setup is described in How to publish Sign-up from

1. Signing up

The fundraiser enters details about their fundraising goals and activities.

  1. If the fundraising type of Team is selected, then each of the team members can be entered.  If the team members are not known at this stage, they can be invited later.
  2. The Team and various team members can have a picture uploaded.  These will appear on their fundraising page.

2. Sign up complete

Sign up complete

After entering your details and completing the sign up/registration process, you will see the Registration Complete Screen, as well as an email with similar details in it.

These two links are:

  1. Fundraising Page Link. This is a personalised link that the fundraiser can uses to invite supporters to donate to their fundraising efforts.
  2. Team Member Signup Link.  This will only be shown if the fundraising type selected was Team.  The fundraiser uses this link to invite other team members to sign up.  This is useful if the fundraiser did not have their details at the time of the initial signup.