1.15 October 2012

1.15 Release Notes

  1. Added PayPal Support to enable more options for collecting payments.  Works with PayPal accounts that support Express Checkout.
  2. New Payment Method options provided.  This includes the ability for a payee to select to be invoiced, or to post in payment (eg. Cheque/Money Order), to pledge a payment or to nominate they will pay by direct bank transfer.
  3. Added Payment Express PxPay support.  This enables customers to use a Direct Payment Solutions hosted offering enabling customers of AAkonsult Payments to have much simpler payment industry compliance, or for customers that banks require a hosted only option.
  4. For recurring payments, a new option to update expiry date has been added.  This simplifies expired card update processing as the payee only needs to provide the new expiry date and all of the card and CCV details.