6.14 October 2018

6.14 Release Notes

Import Files:

  • Added ability a contact to be linked to multiple fundraisers.  A new related list called “Fundraiser IDs” has been added to the contact.  This stores the Fundraiser Id and Fundraiser ID Source (e.g. Everyday Hero, GiveNow etc.)
  • Method of Payment and Fundraiser ID Source are now assigned the value before the “ “ in the import file type.  For example, if you save your import file mappings with a name of “Raisely  Xmas Appeal”, then the value assigned to the Method of Payment and Fundraiser ID Source is “Raisly”
  • If you save your import file mapping (Import File Type) with a value of “Direct Debit  xxxxx” where xxxx is any value you desire after the “ “, then the matching process will treat the imports as a Direct Debit type.  Previously, the name had to be exactly “Direct Debit” in order to work.


  • Added new URL parameter and URL Token value for “Default Payment Frequency”.  This enables a default to be passed in, but for the user to be able to change the value.
  • Stripe Metadata updates made more reliable
  • Refund notifications are now being sent for Stripe Payment Gateway users
  • Checkout Modern form now defaults to first payment day that is enabled in the Payment Txn  “Regular Pymt Day” picklist options.  This allows organisations to available days for payers to select to be say the 5th and 20th of the month.
  • Custom Label added for “EventPaymentFor”.  This allows for configuration of the checkout messages for Events where it currently shows {campaign name} on {date}.

General Updates:

  • Should an opportunity line item be created an it has a missing or 0 quantity, then it is defaulted to 1 to comply with Opportunity line item validation requirements.
  • On recurring payments, if the frequency is “Once-off Authorise”, it cannot be made active.  The user needs to update the frequency first.
  • Testing for Triggers to be enabled/disabled check reduced so as to improve the number of SOQL queries used by Payments2Us.

NAB Transact

  • Corrected Loop that could occur if manually changing status to Payment Start in some scenarios
  • Correction to recurringFlag so expiry dates can be ignored for recurring payments.
  • Storing of masked cards for card update and authorisation transactions
  • Authorisation Completes are now correct to work.
  • URL Encoding for username/passwords and other fields.  This corrects an issue where say and & is used as part of the password.

Billings stats and license options:

  • Each month a process will check your organisations license options and will automatically update.  This removes the need for organisations to manually update these.
  • To further streamline our invoicing process and to enable us to bring Paymets2Us to you at the lowest possible prices, we’ve now got a process that will send stats on the number (not value) or transactions by transaction type to us.


  • If “DEMO FACILITY” was created without and related Payment Forms and then later on the “Create Samples” from the “About Payments2Us” tab was selected then an error message occurred.  
  • Updated Permission Set  “Payments2Us Standard User” to have update access for “Customer Profile Id”.  This access is required by regular payment gateways that use the customer profile, such as NAB Transact, Authorize.net, Stripe.

6.14 Upgrade Notes

  • Contact Page Layout Detail - add new field "Fundraiser ID Source"
  • Contact Page Layout - Add  related list "Fundraiser IDs"
  • If your organisation has more than 10,000 contacts with a fundraiser Id, then use data loader to update all contact "Fundraiser ID Source" with "Fundraiser"
  • On the sites profile, give Create Read, Edit access to "Fundraiser IDs" custom object.  See 5.3 in How to set up external site security for payments (Classic version)
  • URL Token Page Layout - add new field "Default Frequency"