3.1 October 2013

3.1 Release Notes

  1. Direct Debit sign up from public facing online form.  New Direct Debits can be accepted online and after internal approval will end up being included in future Direct Debit runs.
  2. Membership updates
    1. Prorated fees on signing up.  Allows for fees to be adjusted by the number of days to a configurable option to one of: End of Month, End of Quarter, End of Year, End of Fiscal Year
    2. Memberships/Subscriptions now include a count of number of days a person has been a subscriber, total amount charged to subscriber/paid and outstanding, number of days between the last break and re-joining.
    3. Membership Amounts of $0 now catered for on checkout when used in “Manual” Mode.
  3. Payment Schedules
    1. Now allows for invoices to be sent.  Pre-defined workflows and email/invoice template included.
    2. New status introduced “Payment Schedule Start” and is updated to “Awaiting Payment” by batch processor.  This allows for “Pay Now” links to be included with invoice.

For more information, please see the “Payment Schedule” section of this manual.

  1. Import files.  This new feature is introduced with this release.  It currently allows for Payment Schedule invoices to be paid for by BPAY. Uploaded files are automatically matched with outstanding payment schedule invoices.

For more information, please see the Importing Files in the “Payment Schedule” section of this manual.

  1. Receipts now allows for a user defined name to be included.  This is useful when a purchase or donation is donated and organisations want to adjust who’s name is shown on the receipt.
  2. URL Token creations for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity, Campaign, Campaign Members and Cases.  Simply check the “Create URL Token” and a URL Token will be created.  Sample workflows included to set automatically. Please see the section in this manual called “Emailing URL Tokens” for more information.
  3. Disable Custom Indexes checkbox added to Payment Txn.  This enables organisations an option whilst waiting for Salesforce.com to add custom indexes when more than 100k contacts or accounts reached.