4.10 November 2015

4.10 Release Notes

  1. Address validation and auto-complete.  Full edit/new page now available for Leads, Contacts and Accounts.  See How to setup DataTools Kleber new/edit page overrides for Leads, Contacts and Accounts
  2. Events
    1. Progress bar with steps completed is now available for events
    2. Terms and conditions checkbox is now available for events registration or attendees page
    3. Form provide better support for disability compliance
    4. Forms are keyboard responsive by field entry type.  Eg. Emails fields change the mobile keyboard layout to email format.
    5. New status’s introduced for Registration and Attendees.  This enables validation rules to apply to a specific step.
  3. Donation Amounts
    1. New URL Parameter to allow passing in of the donation amount.
    2. New URL Token amount to default donation amount
    3. New URL Token fields for suggestion amounts 1…5 to enable these to be specific to a particular token
  4. Import Files
    1. Warning if import with same type, quantity and amount within the last 7 days.
    2. Alert if about to process a batch that was previously processed
    3. Credit Card processing will now respect the related Payment Form  Authorisation and will only Authorise the imports. This is useful if wanting to upload and just tokenise the cards for processing at a later date.
    4. Biller code now always converted to lower case when entering on Contact, plus is check using lower case.  Removing the case sensitivity improves the matching capabilities.
  5. Merchant Facility and Payment Form Clone abilities.  Will clone selected object, plus its related object.  This makes it easier to set everything up on a Demo Facility, then clone this prior to going live.
  6. Corrections
    1. Terms and conditions used to always come from the primary merchant facility.  Now are derived from the associated merchant facility
    2. Opportunity name had “null” in it, if the first name was missing
    3. Old receipt number was showing in the receipt email template
    4. About AAkonsult Payments and creation of demo data included question marks in some sample membership renewals forms
    5. Manual Payments URL parameters for custom fields being passed in now accepts types of picklist
    6. Correction to Free Ticket Event transaction status was not always being set to Payment Complete.
    7. Remove false positive error with ScreenSteps (sidebar help) page
  7. Checkout
    1. CSS Styling classes added for section breaks to allow for custom themes to create their own gap.  The gap has been reduced slightly as well for all themes.
  8. For Non profit starter pack 3+, for organisation payments/donations, new contacts are no longer directly linked to the organisation, but are associated through the primary affiliation.


4.10 Upgrade Notes

  1. Address validation and auto-complete at the full page level.  see: How to setup DataTools Kleber new/edit page overrides for Leads, Contacts and Accounts