How do I add a background Image?

Background Image Overview

Background images can be added to the following online forms:

  • Checkout
  • Event Registration
  • Peer-to-Peer Registration
  • Peer-to-Peer Search

You can upload a image file that contains the work "background" in at the following levels:

  • Merchant Facility
  • Payment Form
  • Letter Object (is linked via the campaign used)

The image DPI should be 72dpi.  A suggested size of 2000px by 2000px seems to work well, but we recommend check various sizes of your photo on different devices.


AAkonsult Pty Ltd Payment Checkout - Google Chrome

1. Upload Background Image

Upload an image file that has the word "background" in its name.  The image can be uploaded against the Merchant Facility, Payment Form or Letter Object.

The file can be uploaded using the related list Files, or Notes and Attachments.

DEMO FACILITY | Salesforce - Google Chrome