9.3 January 2023

9.3 Release Updates


  • URL Token, increased Membership ID field size to 40 characters
  • Payments2Us Support is no longer notified on exception if Error Logs are not able to be created, only customers internal system administrators will be notified.
  • Direct Debit for New Zealand - IB4B format correction to reference number being truncated.
  • Experience Cloud  Checkout component corrected where parameters starting with an upper case were not working correctly
  • Payments2Us Settings - Fixed issue with Create Remote Site component not hiding after being pressed.
  • Import File and Card or Card Token processing and Authorisation option enabled.  Fixed issue with Batch Sizes greater than 100 records.
  • Recurring Payment catch up check now caters for all frequencies, including Fortnightly
  • Windcave PxPay  Fail proof notification updates now correctly set country to name, vs. country code
  • Token Charge only selects fields that it needs so as to not break Salesforce limits for number of cross object or fields in query limits.


  • 100% Voucher codes for membership now work when the membership has Tax applied
  • Correction of error when using Voucher, Tax is Applied and Firefox browser used.

Data Validation

  • Now validates phone/email for Event Attendee registrations.

9.3 Post upgrade steps

Please be informed that, for now this step is not required. We will update if required.