How to set up automatic subscription renewal

Automated renewal process overview


When a subscription or membership is marked as automated renewal, then a Recurring Payment is created to automatically charge and perform the automated renewal.

To enable automated renewals, the Payment Option (i.e Membership Type), must have the automated renewal checkbox enabled and a frequency that is not once off (e.g. Annually).

When a member signs up and enters their card details:

  • A membership/subscription record is created.
  • A Recurring Payment record is created and linked to the above membership/subscription.

The Recurring Payment Payment Processor (as started from the button on the Merchant Facility object) runs each night.  On the due date (Next Payment Date), if the card/direct debit/eCheck is successfully charged and the new Next Payment Date is on or after the related Membership/Subscription End Date, then the membership is automatically renewed and the membership end date is moved out by the length of the subscription (e.g. Another 12 months)

2. Scroll down and select relevant Payment Form

Select "View All" Button

3. Scroll down and select Payment Option

4. Tick the check box for Automatic Renewal and SAVE

A regular frequency is required for automatic renewals to work.  By regular we mean a frequency like Annually or Monthly and NOT blank or Once-off.

The regular frequency will create a "Recurring Payment" entry.  The Recurring Payment is linked to the Account/Contact Subscription.

The Recurring Payment is what will be used to actually charge the members/subscriber.

Note, Subscriptions / Account Subscriptions are linked to a URL Token.  If the related URL Token has a Frequency or Default Frequency that is not blank, then that frequency will be used instead of the value entered on the Payment Option.  If this frequency is a value of "Once-off", then the automated renewal process will NOT be setup.

Subscribers will be automatically renewed based on the frequency unless there is a problem with their payment (credit card expired etc).