3.6 November 2013

3.6 Release Notes

  1. Checkout and manual payment now populate all fields in the Payment Txn from similar field names on the related contact record.  This include custom fields on the form.
  2. Invoice, Confirmation, Renewal Notices, Receipts.  Changed address format to Uppercase.  All forms now use fieldsets for address section.  Invoicing long format available.
  3. Account Subscription  Membership No. is now correctly printing.
  4. Recurring Payments.  If payment day is blank, then uses last payment date (day).  Previously always made this the first day of the month.
  5. Subscription Issues.  Added new tab to make easier management, updated to have warning if not current issue on payment generation and mailout generation, plus provided button to quickly set.
  6. Cloning of subscription issue resets system maintained fields, such as last batch number.
  7. Added charts to subscription issue page.
  8. Direct Debits.  Cloning of Direct Debit batches resets system maintained fields, such as Status, Number in Batch etc.

Status is marked as completed if all transactions are marked as complete or error. Counters for number of transactions completed or in error added.