The Billing Tab will allow you to

a. View your Receipts

  • Press "Refresh" (1) button to get the latest receipts/invoices.  The receipt/invoices are automatically retrieve at the start of each month.
  • Place your cursor over the receipt number (2) to see a summary of the invoiced details

b. Resend receipts.  

These are sent to the Billing Contact.  If you are not the current billing contact, then you'll first need to Update Billing Contact, then select to resend.

c. There are 2 buttons "Update Payment Details" and "Update Payment Contact"

1. The Update Payment Details Button will update the Payment Details ( Credit Card, Direct Debit).  This will update the card on file with Payments2Us for future charges.

2. Update Payment Contact Button will update the Contacts First Name Last Name and Email Id.