7.11 July 2020

7.11 Release Note


  • Added new Payment Option to checkout for BPAY.  If selected, then a new BPAY CRN No. is generated and payment instructions sent to payer.
  • Added generation of BPAY Customer Reference No. (CRN) to Contact.  
  • Added ability to generate a BPAY CRN No and assign to any object via process builder
  • EziDebit enhanced to automatically reconcile payments by BPAY.

Encrypted URL Parameters

  • New feature added to encrypt URL Parameters so they are not human or machine readable providing more security.
  • Added ability for Process Builder to generate and Save Encrypted parameters.  This enables users to generate and save links against any object in Salesforce.


  • Added new URL Parameter “TaxAmount”, this enables the passing in of the tax amount and is ideal for organisations that may have a mixture of items that include/exclude tax (example - where part of a transaction is taxed, but other parts are not).
    To cater for this scenario, new Tax Calculations methods added to the Merchant Facility “Tax Amount Specified Inclusive”, “Tax Amount Specified Exclusive”
  • Added new Dynamic URL Parameters SuggestedDonationAmt[1...5]
  • Correction to donationAmount not processing correctly when passed in as a URL Parameter and amount was greater than $1000
  • Corrected issue with Windcave and EziDebit payment gateways when payments made after the 27th of the month and when Recurring Payments set to “Yes - Tokenise on Signup, Charge on Selected Date” then the transaction was only being authorised and not charged.
  • Stripe webhook update to use merchant facility related to payment txn to update Metadata back into Stripe.  This enables different Stripe Metadata updates on different merchant facilities.
  • If payer made an unsuccessful Credit Card payment, then switched to PayPal, the Payment Response Text was previously not being cleared out on the Payment Txn.  This has now been corrected.
  • Invoice Me now shows to correct page on the complete/success page
  • URL Parameter MailingCountry now sets the country correctly

EziDebit Updates

  • When card or account holder update their card/account details, a new customer number is no longer generated
  • Correct issue where transactions would not submit when hideContactDetails URL Parameter used.
  • Added BPAY nightly automatic reconciliation.


  • Merchant Facility compact panel now correctly shows recently added Payment Gateways.  The formula field “AAkPay__Payment_Method_Text__c” has been updated.
  • Force.com Sites Permission Sets no longer have delete permission for Payments2Us custom objects.
  • Import Files has a checkbox that if set will run the “Process” procedure.  This enabled automation by adding a custom workflow to automatically set this field to start processing.
  • Address ID field increased to 64 to cater for longer Ids in some countries.
  • “Biller code” field renamed on Contact, Import File and Payment Txn Objects to “Customer Reference No.”

7.11 Post upgrade steps

Due to Salesforce platform constraints, we cannot make these changes automatically.

An administrator from your organisation needs to apply these changes manually.

  • Payment Form Object
    • Page Layout: Add field “URL Encrypted Parameters Key”
  • URL Token Object
    • Page Layout: Add field “URL Encrypted Parameters”  suggest to make read only on page layout.
    • Page Layout: Add fields  “Tax Amount”, “Create URL Encrypted Parameters”, “Job Title”, “Shopping Cart Details JSON”, “Tax Calculation”
  • Merchant Facility Object
    • Field “Tax Calculation” add values to ALL record types:
      • Tax Amount Specified Inclusive
      • Tax Amount Specified Exclusive
    • Field “Payment Method”  Add “BPAY” to All record types.
    • Field dependencies  Payment Gateway to Payment Method
      • Make BPAY available for ALL payment gateways

[NOTE: If this field dependency does not exist in your instance, you can skip this part]

  • Field “License Options” Add “BPAY CRN” to all record types
  • Page Layout: Add Field “BPAY Biller Code” - suggest in Payment Instructions section
  • Payment Txn Object
    • Field “Tax Calculation” add values to ALL record types:
      • Tax Amount Specified Inclusive
      • Tax Amount Specified Exclusive
    • Field “Payment Method”  Add “BPAY” All record types.
    • Page Layout: Add field “Settlement Date/time”
  • Import File Line Item Object
    • Page Layout: Add fields “Tax Calculation”, “settlement date/time”, “Mobile Phone”
  • Import File Object
    • Field “Import Type”, add picklist value “EziDebit BPAY”
  • Contact Object
    • Page Layout: Add field “BPAY CRN Rule”  suggest near “Customer Reference No. field.
  • Remote Sites Settings
    • Make “BPAYProduction” active.