1.13 July 2012

1.13 Release Notes

  1. Number of Card Retries is now user definable. If the card fails more than the retry count then the recurring payment goes into a suspended status.
  2. Credit Card Type field is no longer required. The type is determined from the Card Number. In addition, card number validation is done within salesforce.com before it is submitted to the payment gateway saving transaction costs and improving speed.
  3. Memberships start dates can be set to round up/down to 1st/last day of month, or based on payment date
  4. The Pay Now button will default to “Donate Now” if Payment Form is of type donation. This field will also be able to be user defined. The message on the confirmation page has changed if the Payment Form is of type donation as well.
  5. Object. This allows you to use the recurring token to make an additional payment.  This could be useful when a person is sponsoring a child and they want to give an extra donation for a birthday, or a rental organisation and the equipment is damaged so they need to charge for the excess.
  6. Credit Card Masking is updated to have selectable format, including 4X….4X
  7. URL parameters on Amount for Refunds.  This allows for custom visualforce pages to be written in front of the payments process and then to pass the value to AAkonsult Payments to transact the refund.
  8. You can now make “Credit Card Token” payments from the Recurring Payment
  9. Showheader and sidebar can be passed into all internal forms allowing for the header/sidebar to be hidden.