8.9 September 20201

8.9 Release Notes

Transact Payment

  • New Lightning Web Component "Transact Payment" for Home page and any Object Page
  • Quick and simple method of processing a card payment
  • Can work with/without CCV
  • Works with Windcave Webservice, Authorize.net, Stripe, Stripe SCA, NAB Transact, EziDebit
  • Defaults details from Contact record

Batch Entry

  • Now works with Stripe, Stripe SCA
  • Pre-authorisation on save option.  This enables a card to be check/validated on entry in an Auth stage, then to be charged when Batch is processed.
    NOTE: Stripe, Stripe SCA will only work with Tokenise on Save option
  • Updated edit line items to work in more standard way
  • Payment Txn Receipt Email will email of payer, vs. always having default email
  • Bank Transfer, Money order options now prompt for Reference
  • Improved error logging when changing Batch Status to Processing or Closed
  • Correction to Batch Stage Validation Rule check
  • Update Expiry Date/Year to correct issue on rare occasions where month would not default/assign correctly


  • Checkout - Increased number of campaigns to 100 in Appeals picklist.
  • Checkout  Updates to reduce chances of issue for some AUS Salesforce servers that may stay in processing… status.
  • Checkout  Validation Rule added to capture entry of negative amount into Donation With field
  • Checkout  update for combination of no suggested donations and sequence of steps that may cause transaction to be treated as a manual payment with voucher applied
  • Import Files  Now works with uploading and charging/tokenising card details for Stripe, Stripe SCA
  • Import Files  When error transactions and regular payment, then make the Recurring Payment Transaction created with $0
  • Stripe update metadata updated to perform retries when needed
  • EziDebit  Card Update for new Customer Id’s to cater for Mobile Phones in invalid format
  • EziDebit  One Time Key processing adjustments
  • Refund transaction  hide approved checkbox if user does not have access.
  • Card Update correction for when updating Contact details only. Removed error of invalid transaction type.
  • Finance Permission Set updated to have access to Payments2Us Billings tab and details
  • Lighting Web Component (LWC) for Expiry Date update.
  • Lighting Web Component (LWC) for Token Charge .

8.9 Post upgrade steps

To take advantage of the new features, please follow the links in the guides for that.  For example, "Transact Payment" needs to be added to a lightning page.

An Apex class was missed from being added to a permission set.  It will be included from 8.11.  For now, all users that will be using the new Lightning Web Components, including Transact Payment you will need to do the following:

  • Locate the users profile.  Click into the profile and edit "Apex Class Access".  Include "AAkPay.Payments2UsLWCUtil" and Save

Failure to add this apex class to the profile will result in the users seeing an error along the lines of "you don't have access to the apex class Payments2UsLWCUtil"