8.4 January 2021

8.4 Release notes

Stripe - Secure Customer Authentication

  • Support now for card update and for regular payers/donors to sign up on a day of the month that is not todays date.
  • Stripe SCA is now listed in the “Payment Gateway” picklist, vs. the old method of adding “Secure Customer Authentication” as a Payment Gateway Option”

Webhook API

New feature introduced that provides the ability for external systems to submit payment transactions into Payments2Us/Salesforce.

The payment information can be submitted either programmatically with REST service, or through integration software such as Zapier using the Webhook options.

See user guide Webhook for more information.


  • New field added to Merchant Facility called “BPAY CRN Prefix”.  This allows for adding a value to prefix Customer Reference Numbers when they are being generated.


  • Merchant Facility  Payment Gateway picklist values for “Payment Express” and “Payment Express PxPay” have had “Payment Express” updated to “Windcave”
  • Stripe now supports latest version of the Stripe API.  The latest version of the API was impacting Card Update feature from the Recurring Payment object.
  • Better error trapping/reporting for updates on Refunds, Recurring Payment Card update, Token Charge, Expiry Date update.

8.4 Post upgrade steps

Merchant Facility Custom Object

  • Payment Gateway Options.  Add picklist value “BECS” to ALL record types
  • Payment Gateway Add picklist values “Windcave Webservice”, “Windcave PxPay”, “Stripe SCA” to ALL record types
  • Field Dependency “Payment Gateway” to “ Payment Gateway Options”.
    • Set “Enforce New Public Sites Security” for gateways Windcave Webservice”, “Windcave PxPay”, “Stripe SCA”
    • Set “BECS” for gateway “Stripe SCA”
  • Field Dependency “Payment Gateway” to “ Payment Method”.
    • Set Options for “Windcave Webservice” to be the same as “Payment Express”
    • Set Options for “Windcave PxPay” to be the same as “Payment Express PxPay”
    • Set Options for “Stripe SCA” to be the same as “Stripe”
  • Payment Gateway Deactivate picklist values “Payment Express”, “Payment Express PxPay”
  • License Options, add “Webhook API” to ALL record types
  • Page Layout, add “BPAY CRN Prefix”.  Suggest Near BPAY Biller Code