7.1 March 2019

7.1 Release Notes

Payment Gateways

  • PxPay added to Modern Forms
  • All Payment Express Gateways now use “Environment” setting on Merchant Facility to point to production or UAT instances of Payment Express

Payment Express gateways.

  • Now work with UAT sandboxes

Updates and Fixes

  • Merchant Facility “Site URL” changed to “Base Site URL”
  • Merchant Facility “Site URL CheckoutM changed to “URL for your website”
  • Correction of double receipts being sent for recurring payments when receipts require every time enabled.
  • Correction of Token Charge resetting Next Payment Date on Recurring Payments.
  • Custom links on recurring payments for User Manual pages now pointing to correct page.
  • For Recurring Payments that were manually uploaded by customers and when the expiry YYMMMM field had invalid data, an error message would occur.  This has now been correctly handled and catered for.
  • AAkPay__Voucher_Code__c  field added to a range of Payment Txn fieldsets so that this field can now be added/used on the checkout forms.
  • Demo data in the create samples was referring to “Payment Type”.  This has been corrected to reference “Payment Form”
  • Error message for refunds that are not at the correct status has been updated to refer to the current payment gateway being used and not always saying “Payment Express”.  The error is now: Refunds can only be for transactions of Type Payment or Events that were process through {gateway}


  • Better management of Maximum number of tickets for Events on Modern Forms.
  • Correction of “Free Event” page occurring on confirmation page at times.
  • Correction of error in Payment Form Builder when Payment Form’s with a Payment Type of “Program” or “Training”.

7.1 Upgrade Notes