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How does BPAY work with Payments2Us

1. What is BPAY?

BPAY is a simple and secure method for paying bills using your online banking.  This option is only available in Australia.

On your Bill, there will be an option to pay your account using BPAY.

The BPAY information includes:

  • Biller Code.  This is a number to identify organisations/utilities.  This number is stored on the Merchant Facility Tab.
  • Customer Reference Number (CRN).  This is a unique number for a customer or the bill.  This number includes a check digit to ensure the number is correctly keyed in when paying.  Some CRNs can include extra information such as amount of the bill, discount expiry date and more.  Payments2Us does not currently take advantage of the enhanced/intelligent reference numbers.

To pay a bill, you would log into your internet banking, locate the biller using the Biller Code, then your Customer Reference No., amount and then submit for payment.


2. How could you use BPAY and Payments2Us

Regular Payment Billing/Donations

Memberships or regular payments/donations can be linked to a Recurring Payment  Record Type of “Payment Schedule.”   The recurring payment processor generates a Payment Txn of "Awaiting Payment" Status.  An Invoice can also be generated and sent to the payer.  If they elect to pay by BPAY, when the payment is received/confirmed, the Payment Txn's Status is updated to "Payment Received."

An online payment/donation by a new contact

If a payer uses the online checkout and selects to make a payment using BPAY, then after entering their details, they are showing the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number for Payment.  

A Payment Txn is created as part of the online submission process with a status of "Awaiting Payment."  Once the BPAY Payment is received, the Payment Txn status is updated to "Payment Complete."

Customer invoicing payment flow

This example process use-case is for organisations that might send an invoice/bill externally to Salesforce.

When the payer makes a BPAY payment and the BPAY details are brought back into Salesforce, the Customer Reference Number is used to locate the Contact by CRN Number.  A new Payment Txn is created for the payment amount and then linked to the Contact.

Custom Object or Custom App

In Salesforce, you may have setup a custom object that you wish to record payments against.  For example, you could have a custom object called “Permit” that you charge a fee for.  A single customer might purchase multiple permits, so each permit is assigned a reference number.

You can use Process Builder to generate and assign the CRN to the custom object or Payment Txn.  You'll need to create a Payment Txn by using the checkout/manual payment or Process Builder.  The Payment Txn would have a status of "Awaiting Payment."  This status would be updated to "Payment Complete" once the BPAY payment is processed.