How to resend receipts

This process takes you through the steps on how to resend a receipt

Quick Steps:

  1. Locate the Payment Txn record
  2. Scroll down the Activity History and press the Send Email
  3. Select an email template
  4. Select Folder Payments2Us
  5. Select Template
  6. Send

1. Locate Payment Txn the receipt is required for

  1. Do a search for the Contact by Name
  2. Click into the Contact
  3. Scroll down the screen and click into the Payment Txn record the receipt is required for

2. Scroll down to Activity History and press Send Email

  1. Scroll down the Payment Txn record screen to the "Activity History" related list
  2. Click on the Email button

3. Select 'Select Template'

4. Select Folder and template

  1. Select "Classic Email Templates"
  2. Select "Payments2Us" folder
  3. Select "Payment Receipt" email template

Press Insert

5. Preview and Send Receipt