4.2 April 2015

4.2 Release Notes

  1. Creation of Opportunity Line Items.  Products are setup at the Payment Form and Payment Options level.  If specified and the Merchant Facility  Create Opportunity Line items is selected, the opportunity will be created and linked to the products. This feature provides more reporting options and better more options for integrations into financial systems.
  2. Receipt, Confirmation Letter, Renewal Notice and Statement layout update to allow for an image to be uploaded for the header section.  If an image with a file name containing Letterhead is loaded against the Merchant Facility then this will be used instead of the standard logo and organisation address details.
  3. Checkout in manual payment mode now allows for “Once-off Authorise” type transactions so Recurring Payments can be created.
  4. Various fixes and updates.
    1. Site checkout error now logs more details so organisations can get a better understanding of who and what is trying to access their website in an invalid manner.
    2. Correction to error handling when a contact insert is created and the transaction was for a member or event ticket type of purchase
    3. Soft Credits now working correctly when person being credited already exists on file.
    4. Icons now display correctly when checkout form is used with a sites sub-domain.

4.2 Post upgrade notes

  • On the Page Layout  Payment Form  Drag/drop “Product” and “Donation Product” onto the layout
  • On the Page Layout  Payment Option  Drag/drop “Product” onto the Page Layout