Payments2Us ManualsPayments2Us User ManualIntroductionWhat are the key features of Payments2Us?

What are the key features of Payments2Us?


Online Payment Forms

  • Secure
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Tailor with your own text, logo and Terms & Conditions and select from one of 22 different colour themes
  • Configurable options, including memberships, recurring payments, suggest amounts etc
  • Suggested suburbs and postcodes allow for quick entry and better quality of address information


  • Generate PDF email receipts instantly
  • Donor care can utilise workflow to identify and manage donors that make a larger amount, or are first time donors
  • Annual Statements


  • Organisation and/or Contact level memberships
  • Flexible membership types and terms
  • Auto reminders of renewal


  • Movie ticket style (eg. buy 2 tickets and turn up), or Conference style (eg. buy 2 tickets and need to specify each of the attendess)
  • Multiple Ticket Types, including: Free, Members Only, Groups, Teams
  • Multiple Page Layouts, allowing for some events to capture custom fields such as dietary requirements

Shopify Integration

  • Quick and simple setup of integration between Shopify and Salesforce
  • Can create Opportunities or Opportunity line items in Salesforce
  • Purchase information stored in Salesforce.  De-duplicates contacts purchasing multiple times

Direct Debits

  • Sign up for Direct Debits online
  • Uploads transactions into your internet banking for processing
  • Works with all Australian Banks and 4 key New Zealand banks.


  • Automatic or Manual matching of payers details with existing contacts/person accounts on Salesforce
  • Automatically create new contacts/accounts for first time payers

Recurring payments

  • Automatic opt-in from online payment form
  • Workflows to remind of card expiry
  • Update of card details should they change or expire


  • Refunds original transactions with a push of a button by select groups of users
  • Approval workflows to allow request/approve/process capabilities

Manual payments

  • Easily capture other payment types within salesforce. These include cheque/money order/cash etc

Address Validation

  • Integration with Google Places and DataTools Kleber
  • Auto-complete for online forms and manual payments