7.0 January 2019

7.0 Release Notes

Batch Entry

  • New option to allow for the quick entry of both manual and credit card payments.  
  • Batch Entry stores the payers payment methods and will default when next used to speed up entry.
  • Designed to work with bar code.  Scan the membership/support number with a “-“ and Campaign Code field to locate the contact and campaign quickly.  A new “Campaign Code” field has been added to the Campaigns Object.
  • Batch totals can be entered for both dollar amounts and number of transactions. Validation rules are in place to check the line items add up to these amounts before processing the batch.
  • Batch Entry is only tested for Lightning.  Requires “My Domain” to be setup
  • See the User Guide for Batch Entry


  • Receipts can now have the record id for the letter object passed in.  This is using a new component parameter called “letterRecordId”.   This is useful when using custom workflows and wanting to use different receipt letters for different stages of the payment process stage. An example is repurposing the receipt as a invoice/request for payment.  Then once the payer has paid the then use the standard process for generating a receipt.


  • For organisations that have had the always tokenise option enabled with their Payment Gateway, then should a card fail on signup/upload and the transaction is a regular payment then the token is stored on the Payment Txn record.
  • Amex card checking was returning wrong card type in a very limited number of cases.  Card check algorithms have been updated accordingly

Direct Debits

  • Direct Debit Returns  had wrong BSB/Account number
  • Direct Debits  Token generated now ignores leading zeros to improve on returns matching process.


  • Payment Form Builder (Beta) button renamed to "Payment Form Builder"
  • Fund Raiser to Fundraiser in the Contact Role field for Payment items
  • When creating Demo examples, should an error occur with updating the Merchant Facility, then error messages are shown to the user.
  • Manual Payments correction to show database type errors.  For example if a validation rule is triggered, then the error is shown to the user.
  • Upgrades now process more than 10,000 records for setting up of Fundraiser Ids
  • Internal user security updates, in particular tighter checking of FLS.  Removes issue where FLS not correctly set on field name API for like to like copies; including custom fields on Payment Txn with matching fields from URL Tokens or Contacts.

7.0 Upgrade Notes

  1. On the Merchant Facility Object.  Setup > Search "Object Manager". Click into Merchant Facility
    Field: "License Options" Add "Batch Entry" - Make sure you add this to all record types if you are using record types
  2. On the Payment Txn Object.  Setup > Search "Object Manager". Click into Payment Txn.
    Field: "Status" Add "Batch Entry Start" - Make sure you add this to record types: "Manual" and "Payment".  Save.  Then reorder and add new status just after "Payment Start"
    Fields Dependency: Link Status "Batch Entry Start" to Path Status "Awaiting Payment"
    Field "Transaction Source" Add "Batch Entry"- Make sure you add this to record types: "Manual" and "Payment".
  3. All user profiles that are using Payments2Us.  Make sure the Payment Txn object has "Manual" and "Payment" record types enabled.
  4. To use Batch Entry, please contact [email protected] for new license key (note, module requires extra monthly subscription)