7.9 March 2020

7.9 Release Notes

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

  • New Peer-to-Peer Search
    • providing a landing page to enable donors to search for individuals or teams
    • Links to registration page
    • Shows top individuals/donors and provides navigation of lists (first/previous/next/last)
  • Registrations can now be paid or free.  
  • New Payment Options of record type “Peer-to-Peer” pricing enables setting up prices for individuals or teams.  Also includes effective from / to dates to enable early bird pricing.

All online forms

  • Add ability to add background image.  Upload an image containing the word “background” in it against the Merchant Facility, Payment Form or Letter objects.

Batch Processor

  • Adjusted the sensitivity of Batch Processor duplicate running error.  Now reports once per hour.
  • Added ability to change frequency of batch processor
  • Automatic tidy up attempt of duplicate batch processor runs


  • Contact updates for non Payments2Us users checks field level permissions to ensure no permission errors on updates of Payments2Us fields.
  • Shopify correct issue with fields too large, preventing errors from occurring.
  • PxPay checkouts now handle regular payment day of Month field being removed completed from Form Builder.
  • Improved locked down when too many attempts from same IP address.
  • Improved App Authentication/Remote sites setting when session setting lock from IP Address set.
  • Corrected error on update of Recurring Payment Custom fields with like for like API names if they were read only or formula fields.
  • Correct typo in “Recurring Payment” Name.

7.9 Post upgrade steps

Campaign Object

  • Page Layout: “AAkonsult Peer-to-Peer” Layout, add fields: Peer-to-Peer Search URL, Fundraising Page Note

Merchant Facility Object

  • Page Layout: add fields: Peer_to_Peer_Search_URL, add batch processor frequency

Payment Txn

  • Page Layout: Peer-to-Peer Layout:  Add field: Registration Fee

Payment Item

  • Page Layout: Peer-to-Peer Team Member Layout: Add field: Registration Fee

Sharing Settings

  • We have recently changed our recommendations for some sharing settings.  Please review Payments2Us sharing settings - in particular Recurring Payments and status criteria.