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How to use shoppingCartDetails URL Parameter

The URL Parameter shoppingCartDetails allows organisations to pass in shopping cart line item details from their website into the Payments2Us Checkout.  This will store these line items against the Payment Txn as Payment Items.

Should the Create Opportunity, Create Opportunity Line Items and Pricebook be specified on the Merchant Facility, then Opportunity Line Items will also be created from the values passed in.

Should the Letter Object have the Print Line Items selected, then the receipt will also show these details.

The URL paramenter shoppingCartDetails accepts a JSON array of values.  These include:

  • itemcode.  This should match the Product Code of the product setup in Salesforce
  • itemdesc.  Item description.
  • quantity.  Decimal quantity of product/item sold
  • unitprice.  Price for a quantity of 1
  • disc.  Discount percentage applied
  • tax. Tax amount applied

A sample JSON value is:

{"cartlines" : [{"itemcode" : "SKU2006-001", "itemdesc":"my item notes for SKU","quantity" : 10.00, "unitprice" :100.00, "tax" : 10.00},{"itemcode" : "Donation", "quantity" : 2.00, "unitprice" : 50.00, "tax" : 5.00 }]}

Please note, if copying/pasting this example, please sure the double quotes are correct for JSON parsing.