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How to change values on import using Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions Overview

Regular Expressions is a way of manipulating data as it is being imported.

For example, your data might have a currency field with a value like "AUD $123.45".  In order to import this into Salesforce, the value needs to be cleaned up and to just have digits and the decimal point - i.e. "123.45".  The transformation of this value can be completed using a regular expression.

For more info about regular expressions, see:

The feature of Regular Expressions is available for your convenience, but is NOT included standard Payments2Us support.  Payments2Us support does NOT cover ANY guidance on creation of Regular Expressions.  If you need help then you will need to purchase support or consulting blocks.

Alternatively, you can Google your requirements, or use tools such as:

1. Example of using Regular Expression

In this example, we are going to clean up a country code field to have just the first two characters.  We'd like to convert values such as "AUS" to AU and "USA" to US".

The regular expression for this is "^.{0,2}"

In the second step of the Import File Wizard, enter a regular expression on the field you want to update.

In our CSV  file we had "AUS" and you can now see the result load is "AU"