How to activate direct debit payments

The Direct Debit option (available as an additional license) allows your customers/members/donors to pay regular payments or membership/subscriptions directly from their bank account as an alternative option to paying by credit card.

Payments2Us supports direct debits in the following countries:

  • Australia (All Banks)
  • New Zealand (ANZ,ASB, BNZ, Westpac)

Before you can use a direct debit with Payments2Us, you will need to contact your bank and arrange to have a Direct Debit facility setup. You will need to ask for the option where you can upload a direct debit file for processing.   This option is normally added to your internet banking.  


More information:

Australian Direct Debits

Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) was established in February 1992 to oversee and manage the development and operation of the Australian payments clearing system.

Most Australian bank use the Australian Banking Association (ABA) format for direct debit transactions.  The following links provide more information about this.

New Zealand Direct Debits

When setting up direct debits in New Zealand, you’ll need to ensure the following:

  • The “Direct Debit Authority Number” assigned by your bank is entered into the “User Identification Number Field”.
  • The Bank and Branch number are entered into the “BSB No.” field.  These are in the format of 99-9999
  • The Account number and suffix are entered into the “Account No.” field.  These are in the format of 9999999-999
  • Enter your company name or account name into “User Preferred Specification” on the Merchant Facility.

You can see more information on the extracted file standards at:

1. Set up Payments2Us License

1.1. Purchase an additional license for Direct Debits

Contact for details


1.3. Enter license details and SAVE

2. Set up bank details

2.1. Contact your bank to create direct debit facility

Confirm with your bank if a Self-balancing transaction is required or not.

2.3. Enter details from your bank and SAVE

All fields must be entered except the Statement Text field.

Check if a Self-Balancing transaction is required

2.4. Scroll down to the Direct Debit/ACH T&C heading

2.5. Enter Terms & Conditions (T&C) as required by your bank and SAVE

3. Enable Direct Debits

3.1. Scroll up to the Merchant Facility Detail heading

3.2. Edit the Payment Method field

3.3. Move Direct Debit to the RHS, select OK and SAVE