1.12 June 2012

1.12 Release Notes

  1. URL Tokens feature added for added security and simplification of URL parameters.  This feature also allows for a simple way of sending membership/subscription renewals for a link to pay, or for sending invoices with a pay now link.
  2. Multi-currency on checkout form now allows for different currency symbols.  EUR - € , GBP - £, Others - $.
  3. Discounts are now supported.  These can assigned in the Account Subscription, Subscriptions or URL Parameters.
  4. Regular Payment Processor update to enable more than transactions per day.  A new Payment Form option “Recurring Payments Type” of Regular created to cater for this option.
  5. Added Weekly, Fortnightly options to Regular Payment Frequency.
  6. When selecting a new Payment Form or Payment Setting as Primary then previous primaries are deselected.
  7. Added option to allow going back to (user defined) previous page before checkout form
  8. Updated manual payments to share more of the checkout URL Parameter/URL Token options.