9.10 April 2024

9.10 Release Updates

Stripe Payment Gateway

  • China UnionPay added to Stripe SCA
  • Stripe, Stripe SCA updates to minimum tokenisation/auth amounts for various currencies, including HKD
  • Stripe SCA, update for Contact and Payment Info update option where card holder only selects to update contact.  Fixed issue of also asking for Credit Card
  • Stripe, Stripe SCA.  Fixed issue on Recurring Payment - Card Update button where the related contact has a apostrophe in their name, or the address line 1 goes over multiple lines.

Windcave Payment Gateway

Batch Entry

  • Custom field checkbox now supported.  Previously was only working as required entry.
  • Correct issue where credit card would stay on entry page after couple of line items were entered
  • Correct issue where default campaign was being cleared on second and subsequent entry


Definition: An Installment Type Membership is where a membership has something like an annual term, but has something like Monthly payments (installments)

  • Installment type membership no longer sets Recurring Payment Date to End of Month, but actual day of Month
  • Sign up date on recurring payment not being reset if membership renewed
  • For installment type membership that are not on automatic renewal and the membership has expired, correction to renewing membership  when member renews online or with renewal URL Token link
  • For installment type memberships, correctly renewing and moving dates on for memberships that are not on automatic renewal.  In some cases, a monthly payment type installment was previously skipping a month.

Splits Entry

  • Related Payment Items have Product Id and SKU set to enable opportunity product line items to be correctly created
  • Corrected issue, where in some cases, the Save for Line Items was not correctly working.


  • Recurring Payments - fixed issue when Workflow "Last Payment Date Check for Monthly" is active and the Next Payment Date was prior to the triggering date causing the Next Payment Date to be blanked out and to remain blank.
  • If a potential fraudulent transactions is detected and Minfraud is not enabled, it will now be automatically enabled.
  • Added ability to hide CCV entry on Checkout form, Batch Entry and Transact Payment Entry
  • Journal creation - added new option to prompt for date of journal.
  • Journal creation - fixed issue where extra day was being generated in file.

9.10 Post Upgrade Steps

Setup > Object Manager > Payment Txn

  • Field: Status.  Add picklist Values to all record types
    • NPC Processing Start
    • NPC Processing Complete

Setup > Object Manager > Payment Form

  • Field: Active Card Types.  Add picklist Values:
    • NPC Processing Start
    • NPC Processing Complete

Setup > Object Manager > Surcharge

  • Field: Payment Method.  EDIT picklist Label AND API value:
    • ApplePay --> Apple Pay
    • GooglePay --> Google Pay

Setup > Object Manager > Xero Journal Setting

  • Page Layout: Edit
    • Mobile & Lightning Actions, Drag the following onto the "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions" section (may require override to be selected) - "Run Journal Processor (Previous Date)".  Also, if not yet on this section, add "Run Journal Now", "Start Processor", "Stop Processor"

9.10 Automatic Membership Renewals checks and updates

The following is only applicable is your organisation has Memberships that have Automatic Renewal or Installment type renewals enabled.  For these Subscriptions/Memberships, the membership has a related Recurring Payment.

We recommend creating a custom report type that has Recurring Payment and related Contact/Account Membership details on it.

Your end dates should now match the charge day of the month too.  Previously, End Dates were the last day of the month.  For example, if your Recurring Payment - Payment Day field is set to 09 and the end date was say 31/03/2024, then the end date should be updated to now be 09/03/2024.

Then, running a report that shows the End Date on the Recurring Payment and the End Date on the related Contact/Account Membership.

If they are for a different period (e.g. year), then you will need to update either manually or using bulk tools such as Dataloader.
There have been various issues where the related Contact/Account Subscription end dates were not update, or where they were double renewed.

If you'd like a hand with this, then we can do so with one of our premium support packages.