5.5 October 2016

5.5 Release Notes

Data quality updates

  • Account, Contact and Lead override pages now support standard salesforce duplicate checking.  If a possible duplicate is found then it can alert to the alternatives and the user can selected that.  If override is enabled, then the user can continue to save the current record.
  • Lead override now supports “Save and new” button.
  • Google places auto-complete suggestion now works with unit numbers.  Previously unit numbers would not be included on returned street address line.
  • Kleber and Google places auto-complete now works with street names that have an apostrophe in them.  Previously “17 Malley Pl” would be retuned as “17 O'Malley Pl”
  • Correction to cater for address validation and address element being removed from the checkout form to remove javascript errors.

Security updates

  • Added “I’m not a robot” capture method.  
  • Captcha is enabled by default.
  • If a possible fraud attempt is identified, then in addtion to the error log and email being sent to the error log owner, captcha’s are automatically turned on.
  • A limit has been impossed for the number of attempts as part of a single transaction.  This will mean a card holder can only try a reasonable number of times to make a payment for a particular item/service/donation.

Checkout forms

  • Now cater for new MASTERCARD 2-Series bin range 222100  272099.  Cards in this range can now be accepted and were previously marked as invalid.  
  • New method of payment added for “NDIS Claim” to allow for a person to lodge a payment as coming  through the National Disability Insurane Scheme.

Now works with URL Token links that have a “/” at the end of this.  This is of help now as Salesforce has started adding “/” to email template links automatically.

  • More checks are in place for double payments.  In particular if a user back arrows on a checkout page and then re-submits their payment details a second time.  This scenario was previously checked for, but has been enhanced even more.  
  • The reference number going to the payment gateway is now Receipt number and no longer the Old receipt number.

Recurring Payments

  • If a card is updated from suspended  max retries and the recurring payment is linked to a Subscription/Membership then the membership is changed back to “Approved” status and the end date is set to the “Original End Date” .
  • If a date of 28,29,30 of the month is selected by the payer, then it will be automatically changed to “Last” on the recurring payment.
  • Banked Payment “YES” formula field on the Payment Txn updated to excluded Direct Debit Setup records.
  • Creation of opportunity is now skipped for Debit Sign-ups.  
  • Token charges now don’t update the next payment date.  This removes a potential issue where a bonus token charges is counted as that month’s payment.


  • ABN number now right aligns correctly
  • For New Zealand addresses, Suburb and City are now on the one line.

License options

  • Are now checked when updating on the Merchant Facility. This ensures they are valid before being used.
  • If a custom theme license option has expired, then it defaults to the standard theme (ui-lightness).  Previously this would end up having no styling.


  • Original Payment Owner is not being copied over.  This prevents possible issue with original owner user being de-activated as they had left the organisation.
  • Refunds are not included in the standard notification of online payment any more. This was causing confusion.


  • Added sample validation rule for checking birthdate over 18 for signing up
  • Error messsage with no active “Payment Type” now updated to be no active “Payment Form”  
  • Peer-to-peer custom themes.  Fixed overlay position for Terms and Condition dialog box and picture upload.
  • Added Payment Form  “Payment Type” of “Training” to appear in Events Calendar and Upcomming events
  • PxPay payment gateway option from Payment Express. Updated to work with PxPay2 as per mandatory upgrade notice.  

5.5 Upgrade Notes

  1. Add "NDIS Claim" to "Payment Method" field on the Merchant Facility.  
    Setup > Customize > Create > Objects - Click into Merchant Facility.  Click into "Payment Method" and add value "NDIS Claim". MAKE Sure you select to add the value to all record types before saving.
  2. Add "NDIS Claim" to "Payment Method" field on the URL Token.  
    Setup  Customize  Create  Objects - Click into URL Token.  Click into "Payment Method" and add value "NDIS Claim"
  3. Add Captcha Types to Merchant Facility Record Type
    Setup > Customize > Create > Objects - Click into Merchant Facility scroll down the record type section.  Click into (NOT edit) Payment.  Click edit next to "Captcha Type" and add all values - save.
  4. Add new theme colours "light" and "dark" to "Captcha Theme" field on the Merchant Facility.  
    Setup > Customize > Create > Objects - Click into Merchant Facility.  Click into "Captcha Theme" and add values "light" and "dark" . MAKE Sure you select to add the value to all record types before saving.
  5. Create a dependancy between Captcha Type and Captcha Theme on the Merchant Facility.
    Setup > Customize > Create > Objects - Click into Merchant Facility.    Scroll down the the fields section.  Add a new field dependence - Controlling Field: "Captcha Type", dependant "Captcha Theme". Select:
    - I'm not a robot - light,dark
    - No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA - light,dark
    - reCAPTCHA - red, white, blackglass, clean
  6. Edit the Merchant Facility - Page Layout and make Captcha Type required.  Also ensure Captcha Theme is required