3.10 January 2014

3.10 Release Notes

  1. Added upcoming events widget. Please see the Upcoming Events section of this manual for more details.
  2. Added ability to have social media likes available on payment forms
  3. Added mobile responsive support for payment forms
  4. Enabled configurable fields for Receipt date section on receipt and membership confirmation/renewal forms.  This field can be maintained through “receiptDate” fieldset.
  5. Credit Card Expiry dates are now stored in full format making managing of upcoming expiries easier
  6. Events registration updates to allow “Once-off Authorise” and to update ticket numbers for “Auth” type transactions.
  7. Correctly to false positive reporting of security access to Subscriptions and Account Subscriptions.

3.10 Post upgrade notes

  • Navigate to setup > create > objects > Merchant Facility.  Scroll down to record types section. Click into (NOT Edit), click edit next to Mobile Responsive  add values.
  • Click on the Merchant Facility Tab  click into a merchant facility.  Edit Layout, drag/drop the Mobile Response fields and Upcoming events URL field onto page layout.  Save.
  • From the Merchant Facility Tab, scroll down to Payment Types, click into a payment type. Click Edit layout.  Add a new section “Social”, then copy all fields beginning with Social onto the Page Layout  Save.