5.00 March 2016

5.00 Release Notes

Launch of Payments2Us

Payments2Us rebranding has replaced AAkonsult Payments. This has been applied through the package and online manuals.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This is a new module to Payments2Us and enables organisations to set-up fundraising Campaign so their supports can create their own fundraising pages and fundraise on behalf of your organisation.

Module includes:

  • Registration Page.  

Automatically creates sub-campaigns for each fundraising pages, stores and de-duplicates fundraisers and their team members

  • Team or Individual fundraising.  If team, team members can be added at time of registration or can join later on
  • Unique fundraising page for fundraiser.  Fundraisers can invite their friends, families and work colleagues to support their efforts and to donate to their own page

Sidebar Widgets

New enhancements to forms.  Allows you to add widgets (components) that appear to the side of the checkout form.  Sidebar widgets can selectively added to any payment form and ordered how you would like them to appear.  These are particularly useful for Peer-to-Peer Campaigns, or for Appeals where you wish to show the progress of donations to fundraising target.  Components that are included as part of this release are:

  • Attainment Gauge - Shows a gauge with Campaign Goal (Expected Revenue) and amount raised so far
  • Attainment Horizontal Progress Bar -Shows a horizontal progress bar with Campaign Goal (Expected Revenue) and amount raised so far
  • Most Recent (nn) Donors - Shows most (nn) donors for this campaign
  • Plain Text - Enter plain text
  • Profile Image - Shows the profile image uploaded for the Team or Individual
  • Rich Text - Enter formatted notes and text
  • Team Members- Shows list of team members
  • Top (nn) Donors - Shows top (nn) donors for this campaign
  • Uploaded Image - Upload image to Related Notes and attachments after saving

Address Validation

For DataTools Kelber:

  • Now support a number of different options for geocoding Accounts, Contacts and Leads
  • When adding a new contact, it now defaults in the address from the related contact.  
  • When adding contacts, you can now do a Save & New, as well as a simple Save option.

For Google Places:

  • Fixed issue where some address lines were changing to just street number.
  • Improved speed.  In particular retrieving of Postcode.



There were a number of small updates made in various areas.  These include:

  • When adding a new Recurring Payment Manually, Payments2Us will now create the Authorize.Net customer profile if it is missing.  This now means that you can add a new Recurring Payment from within Salesforce and it no longer has to go through the checkout form
  • eCheck/ACH Option has now been added.
  • This is available for Single and recurring payments.  
  • This includes the ability to have someone sign up for regular payments through the checkout form or be added from within Salesforce.

Support updating of details from the Recurring Payment Tab

Support for refunds

  • Voiding of transactions.  Authorize.net does not allow for refunds to occur before settlement.  Settlement could be upto 24 hours form the initial payment. With this release, you can now void a transaction in full before settlement.

Page Layouts Tidy-up & Help Links

To make things clearer and easier to use, the page layouts for Merchant Facility, Payment Forms and Payment Txn’s have all been tidied up.  In addition, for some areas where there are often a few questions raised, we have added helplinks to direct admins to the correct page in the online manual.

Import Files

The following updates have been applied to the Import Files process:

  • A new “Contact Upload” checkbox has been added.  If this is selected, then the upload will only match and de-dupe or create Accounts/Contacts.  It will not try and create related payments or financial related data.  This is useful for just loading Contacts  e.g. Uploading Fundraisers Contact details only.
  • If an error occurs when trying to create a sub-campaign, then this will now be logged in the Error Log.

Demo Data

Demo data sample payment forms have been reordered.  In addition, sample data is now created for Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

General Updates

  • Custom Record types for Payment Txn’s can now be used.  The name of the new record type should include the same name as the standard record type.  For example, you could create a record type called “Manual  Cash” where “Manual” is the standard record type used.
  • New Payment methods are now available.  These are “Check” & “Cheque” and are based on the existing Pay By Post method.
  • Shopify has had an error fixed where some Id’s were being reports as too large.
  • Fixed error where with forms that had captcha enabled.  Captcha had focus when forms were first loaded.

5.00 Upgrade Notes

  1. Rename App name from AAkonsult Payments to Payments2Us.  This is under setup > create > app. Edit next to AAkonsult Payments.
  2. Add Create, Read, Update Access to Team Member Object for Sites User.  This is under setup > develop > sites.  Click into Site (eg. Payments).  Click button Permissions Overview, Add access.