4.8 September 2015

4.8 Release Notes

  • Address dataTools Kleber validation updates
    • Checkout now allows for delivery address to be validated by dataTools
    • More efficient usage of dataTools api’s that should result in cost savings
    • For contacts, if address updated through standard salesforce address maintenance then dpid is removed and fields validated are remove
    • New field on Contact that shows which fields have been validated
    • More finer control of what gets validated.  These can be selected through the validate option on Merchant Facility
    • Phone number validation is not run when country is not Australia
  • Online user manual can now be shown in sidebar.  Articles that are relevant to current tab are shown and all articles can be searched at any stage.
  • Receipting
    • Receipt numbers now match the Payment Txn number.  
    • New Send Receipt option “Yes - PDF Version - Skip Recurring” allows for no receipt to be sent for recurring payments.
  • Card updates
  • emails now utilise a different embedded link so they work better under more circumstances
  • Manual Payments
    • Now use different short cuts for saving and canceling.  This will avoid a transaction being accidentally canceled instead of saved.
    • Campaign in fieldset can now be marked as required and will show red bar to indicate to end user that it is required
  • Option to set client type on recurring payments for more flexible options in managing expired cards
  • About AAkonsult Payments tab now stays as highlighted when on that tab.

4.8 Upgrade Notes

  1. Setup > create > Objects.  Click into Merchant Facility.
    Click edit next to page layout.  Drag / drop field Payment Gateway options and add in top section, right had side above Organisation Id
    Click into field "Validate", add the following options: MailingAddress,OtherAddress,BillingAddress,ShippingAddress,Repair Inline.  MAKE Sure you add to all record types.
  2. Setup > create > objects.  Click into Payment Form.
    Scroll down to fields - "Send Receipt".  Click into.  Add new value "Yes - PDF Version - Skip Recurring" (copy this value to notepad, then remove the - and add back in as copying from the website can change this to a different value)
  3. If using datatools Kleber address validation. Setup > create > customize > Contacts > Page Layouts.  Edit Layout
    Drag/Drop Data validated and place underneath address.  Set to read only
  4. Add sidebar help component - see How to setup integrated online help
  5. Setup > Create > Objects - Click into Payment Txn.  Click edit next to fieldset: Remove Receipt (OLD), Make sure Receipt No. in correct position