9.1 August 2022

9.1 Release Updates

Westpac Quickstream

  • New Payment Gateway "Westpac Quickstream" added for Credit Card Processing
  • Processing options enabled include:
    • Checkout  Single payment
    • Checkout  Recurring Payment, plus Recurring Payment Future start
    • Checkout  Authorisation, plus Authorisation Complete
    • Refund
    • Recurring Payment Processor
    • Batch Entry
    • Import Files
    • Card Update  from link sent to card holder
    • Card Update  from button on Recurring Payment
    • Card Update  Expiry date only
    • Token Charge
    • Transact Payment
    • Check/reconciliation processor

Data Validation

Experience Cloud

  • New Component Payments2Us Checkout.  
  • Enables simple drag/drop of Payments2Us Checkout onto page with admin configurable settings.
  • Payments2Us Checkout form sizes automatically for device/size

Xero updates

  • Contact Sync can now be linked to Contact or Accounts
  • If contact / account previously Synchronised with Xero and a field is subsequently updated on the Account or Contact then it is automatically marked for Re-Sync
  • Added ability to scheduled Synchronisations with Xero for Contacts / Invoices / Payments
  • Added ability to send Xero Invoice
  • Added the ability to download and attach a Xero Invoice PDF from Payments2Us to the invoice record
  • Added Flow helper code to allow copying Opportunities/Quotes or any custom object you choose (with line items) to Xero Invoices to be synced to Xero

Letter Builder Updates

General Updates

  • Country code for Taiwan label updated
  • Removed false positive error in sandboxes for Billing Check
  • Like for Like copy ignores LastModifiedDate. This is required when Set Audit Fields on create be enabled
  • Import File Line Item filed Payer Name increased to 100
  • New PermissionSet "Payments2Us Data Validation"
  • New URL Parameters added
    • HideBackgroundImage
    • PaymentDay

9.1 Post upgrade steps

Merchant Facility Object (Under setup - Object Manager)

  • Add picklist value “Westpac Quickstream” to field “Payment Gateway” to ALL Record Types
  • Field Dependency “Payment Gateway” to “Payment Method”, set the same options for “Westpac Quickstream” as Stripe

Payment Txn Object (Under setup - Object Manager)

  • Add  picklist value “Xero"  to field “Transaction Source” (AAkPay__Transaction_Source__c)  to ALL Record Types
  • Add  picklist value “Xero Payment“ to field “Payment Source”  (AAkPay__Payment_Source__c) to ALL Record Types

Xero Settings Object (Under setup - Object Manager)

  • Edit Page Layout
    • Mobile & Lightning Actions - add "Start Processor", "Stop Processor"
    • Create a new Section on the Page Layout "Batch Processor"
    • Add fields "Scheduled Sync Frequency", "Automatic Schedule"
    • Add fields "Batch Processor Status", "Last Batch Processor Run", "Batch Processor Consecutive Fails" to Page.  Then make these read only at the Page Layout level.

Enable Remote sites for the following:   (Note remote sites is under setup - search "Remote Sites"

  • WestpacQuickstreamSandbox
  • WestpacQuickstreamProduction