5.7 March 2017

5.7 Release Notes

Letter Object

  • A new object has been created for managing PDF generated sent from Payments2Us.  This is used for Receipts, Statements, Invoices, Membership Confirmation and Membershihp Renewals.
  • A Letter up can be assigned at the Campaign, Payment Form and Merchant Facility level.    The Letter is automatically linked to the Payment Txn, when a letter has not been previously assigned and the status is one of: Payment Complete, Authorisation Complete, Manual Payment or Awaiting Payment.  For receipts, the processor checks to see if a receipt letter is on the Campaign, if not, it checks to see if the Receipt Letter is on the related Payment Form, if not, then it will use the Receipt Letter on the Merchant Facility.
  • For backward compatability, the current Rich Text fields will still continue to work if no receipt Letter has been setup.

Shopping Carts/Opportunity Line Items

  • To provide an option for organisations to bring Shopping Cart Line item details into Salesforce, a new URL parameter has been added called "shoppingCartDetails".  These details can be printed on the receipt and are stored against the Opportunity as line items.
    The shoppingCartDetails URL paramenter  can receive a JSON list of items.  If used, this option the it will creat related Payment Items.  If the Merchant Facility - Create Opportunity Line Items is enabled, then the Batch Processor will create the Opportunity Line Items.
  • A new option on the Letter Object, allows for Receipts to include line items.  If enabled, the shopping cart line items can appear on the Receipt.
  • A new feature has been added that enables payments taken from a Opportunity to have the Opportunity Line Items appear on the receipt.
    With Checkout or Manaul, if the payment is made from an Opporutnity, and if the Opportunity has line items and the Merchant Facility has Create Line items enable and the related Payment Form has a Payment Type of Order, then the Opportunity Line items are copied over the Payment Txn - related Payment Items.  This enables payments received from an opportunity to include the line items on the receipt.

Batch Processor - Recheck status

  • A correction has been made where an uncaught error could occur on the status rechecking.  This could lead to some retries not being checked.  After installing this update, the checks of Payment Txn's at Status Confirmation should be now attempted and managed correctly.

5.7 Upgrade Notes

  1. On the Payment Form, press edit layout.  
    Add Receipt Letter, Invoice Letter, Renewal Letter, Confirmation letter
    Remove Receipt Text (OLD), Invoice Text (OLD),Membership Renewal Text (OLD), Membership Confirmation Text (OLD)
  2. On the Merchant Facility, press edit layout
    Add Receipt Letter
    Remove Receipt Text (OLD)
  3. On the Campaign, edit layout
    Add Receipt Letter, Statement Letter
    Remove Receipt Text (OLD) and Statement Text (OLD)
  4. On the Payment Txn object, edit all layouts
    Add Receipt Letter