3.21 November 2014

1. 3.21 Release Notes

  1. Updated checkout forms and event forms to have improved compliance for screen readers (software that reads out text on the screen for those persons that are visually impaired).  
  2. Text next to radio buttons can be selected/touched for selecting the ratio button
  3. Short URL’s now available for URL Tokens.  This means makes it easier to send a payment request via SMS’s/Texts.
  4. Custom fields that are not marked as visible no longer show the labels for the associated field in custom sections on the checkout form.
  5. Accessing the checkout form from the Credit Card payment button on the Payment Form now shows scroll bars when required.
  6. Recurring Payment Processor  Correction where Salutation would override Job Title
  7. New Payment Form  Type of “Program” added.  Upcoming events and event calendar will now show campaigns with Payment Form  Types of “Event” and “Program”

2. 3.21 Post upgrade notes