7.2 June 2019

7.2 Release Notes


  • Module has been rewritten to use Modern Forms.  This enables the use of the Payment Form Builder for designing the form, plus allows for unlimited layout options for field/page layouts.
  • Now uses jquery mobile themes as part of the Modern Form styling.

Checkout Updates

  • Display of currency fields corrected for locales such as Great Britain, Euro etc.
  • New Frequency of “4 Weekly” added
  • On Modern form, the number of Appeals that can shown in the drop down list is increased from 20 to 50
  • If the checkout form is linked to a campaign and the campaign end date has passed and the Payment Form  Payment Type is NOT Event or Program, then the message saying the campaign has past is now removed.
  • For Modern form, the success URL now includes first name, last name, email and opportunity id (if opportunity is passed in from URL Token or URL parameter)
  • Bank Transfer Details now added to field sets so these can be shown on the checkout success page for Pay Later, Bank Transfer methods of payments

Membership Updates

  • Annual and bi-annual frequencies updated to not update days of month greater than 28 days to Last, but to leave as actual day of month.
  • Fixes to reduce very rare occurrence of renewals doubling up and extending by 2 years, instead of 1.

Resend buttons for PDF Documents Emails

  • Add button to resend Receipt on Payment Txn
  • Added buttons to send/resent membership renewal letter, membership confirmation letters for both Contact level Subscription and Account Level Subscriptions.

Direct Debits

  • For Direct Debit Returns, fixed issue where & and other special characters in names were being removed and causing issues with field alignments.


  • Fix to free events where on occasions, the screen would continually show “in progress message”

General updates

  • Jquery version and related libraries upgraded across all forms to latest version.

7.2 Upgrade Notes

  • Add “4 Weeks” as picklist option to frequency on the Objects: Payment Form, Payment Option, Recurring Payment, URL Token and Payment Txn.  Make sure the value is added to ALL record types.