6.9 April 2018

6.9 Release Notes

PayPal Recurring

  • Extended PayPal for the Modern form to cater for recurring payments
  • Allows for membership (Payment Option) billing plans to be created
  • Allows for Recurring membership/Subscription or recurring Payment/Donations
  • Status Updates of (Active, Inactive, Suspeded) on Recurring Payment updates Recurring Payment in PayPal
  • PayPal user cancelling, updates Recurring Payment status to Inactive
  • Requires License from Payments2Us

Manual Payments

  • Lightning for updated to have Soft Credit Contact auto-complete / lookup functionality fixed
  • Move buttons, i.e. Save, Cancel to docked footer to allow for quicker entry

Annual Statements

  • Created new Record Type on Campaigns to make processing of Annual Statements more straight forward
  • Updated layout to handle 12 rows of payments on one page
  • Added ability to change which date is used for filtering transactions that are shown on the statement.  This is controlled through the AAkPay__statementDateFilter fieldset on the Payment Txn object.


  • Corrected Add to Calendar to take into account change in/out of daylight savings

Recurring Payments

  • Updated help links to point to correct manual pages
  • Added new Frequency “Daily”
  • Updated email links to cater for “Modern” form mode

Checkout Form

  • Updated Modern Form to cater for custom date fields
  • Correction to PayPal button formatting on Modern form

6.9 Upgrade Notes

  • Add "Daily" picklist value to Frequency filed for ALL record types in Objects:  Payment Option, Payment Form, Recurring Payment, Payment Txn, URL Token and Import File Line Item
  • Add "PayPal Recurring” picklist value to License Options on the Merchant Facility custom object. Ensure you add this to ALL record types.
  • Add "PayPal Webhook" field onto the Payment Form page layout.  We commend placing this under the other webhooks in the Orders/Supplies/Payment Section
  • Add "Suspended" status to Recurring Payment object field "Recurring Payment Status". You can add this to all record types, but ensure this is added to the PayPal record type