8.2 December 2020

8.1/8.2 Release Notes


New module for Vouchers Codes added.  

Vouchers can now be generated to apply a discount percentage or amount at time of checkout.

If a voucher code is entered on the checkout form, it is validated and the discount is then applied.

Vouchers can have various validity options associated with them.  This includes options such as expiry date, number of times they can be used, restricted to a specific forms/contact/account/payment option (e.g. membership) etc.


  • Checkout allows for voucher code to be entered, applies discounts based on voucher code
  • Applied updates to cater for Force.com Sites removing Edit access to Custom Objects from Spring 21.
  • Datatools Kleber updated on checkout updates for more countries.
  • Datatools Kleber update to correct issue where “/” in address was not working.  I.e. for unit/street number format of address entry.
  • Correct issue that caused error message “The expiry date is invalid. Must be in mm/yy format”.  This would ONLY occur for memberships that had Recurring Payments linked to them or when performing a card update AND the first attempt to process a card had an invalid card/transaction.
  • Allow for browser details that have more than 255 characters.  Now truncates to first 225 characters.

Payment Schedule

  • Correct pay now not showing payment options on checkout
  • Correct issue if changing from credit card where card token used on checkout


  • Correct setting record type for Payment Items on team members
  • Correct linking Payment Item to Team Member

Batch Entry

  • Added more details to Batch Processing/updates errors

Bank Reconciliation

  • Minor updates to errors occurring.

8.2 is essentially the same as version 8.1, but fixes and issue in the upgrade process were some organisations were receiving and error stating The ActionId specified was invalid for ActionType QuickAction for objects Voucher_Type__c-Voucher Type Layout and Voucher__c-Voucher Layout.

8.1 Post upgrade steps