4.4 June 2015

4.4 Release Notes

  1. Change Schedules.  New functionality for Memberships/Subscriptions that allows for setting up in advance of changes.  For example, a wine club subscriber might have 1 Red for every Winter and 2 White packs for summer
  2. dataTools Kleber updates:
    Checkout and Manual Payments now support validation for phone (Australia), email, address verify, address repair and BSB validation (checkout only)
    Leads, Accounts and Contacts now have a button for auto-complete and validation/repair of addresses
  3. Make Payments for Token Charges on opportunities now pass in the description and amounts.  New configuration options added for URL parameters (amount, paymentFor)
  4. Make Payments now launch Events Registration where related Payment Form has a type of “Event”
  5. Subscriptions/Memberships have the option of creating multiple subscription/memberships for the same form.  This is applicable when organisations might have a certification/accreditation product/service and customers can sign up for multiple certifications.
  6. Subscriptions Issues now allow for Payments to be Charged for a particular Payment Option.  For example, you may have a Wine Club member type subscriptions and you are ready to send out only Mixed, then a couple of weeks later, you wish to generate Payment Charges for those that have subscribed to Red’s.
  7. Receipts now allow for mail merging of standard Amount fields in the body text area.
  8. Clicking into the Card Holder name field and using Card Scanners that read track1 of the data will now populate Card Holder, Card and Expiry Date.
  9. PayPal.  Correction to $0 being shown on return from PayPal login when used in conjunction with suggested donations
  10. More custom labels used to allow for user updates. Includes Privacy Policy link, Suggested donation options on checkout
  11. Receipts and membership documents now handle NPSP 3 account names ending with Household correctly.
  12. When generating import files for full copy sandboxes, the import now manages the exception of not having a valid Merchant Facility or Payment Form.
  13. More anti-spam options inbuilt, including having the ability to restrict the number of external (public website) payments from the one IP address.

4.4 Upgrade Notes

  1. Edit Page Layout for Merchant Facility - Drag/drop Validate into the Address Validation Section
  2. Click into Payment record type for Merchant Facility Object.  Edit Validate and add all available options