6.11 June 2018

6.11 Release Notes


  • Content files uploaded now supported in addition to attachments.
  • Logo’s, Letterheads, Thankyou images can now be stored against Letters, Payment Forms and Merchant Facility Entries.
  • Thank you image can be used to replace the “Thank You” text on receipts
  • First phase of Document Builder released.  The fieldsets used on receipts are now stored in a hidden JSON form on the letter object. This enables every receipt layout use different fields.  No user interface is available for maintenance though.
  • For Receipts, Person and organisation name moved to new fieldset: customerNameFields

Checkout Modern Form

  • Progress bar is hidden by default.  Use URL parameter of hideProgressBar=false to show
  • Correction to Enable Card and Contact update details to work with membership type payments
  • Correction to Events when a user enters a single ticket and then goes to the checkout.  There was an issue with fields such as Country not defaulting
  • Custom labels for “My Choice” and “Not at this stage”.  This will enable overriding of these values if needed.
  • When suggested donations are used, and the amount is passed in with URL parameters and the amount means the My Choice is selected, the Payment Form now expands and shows the My Choice.
  • Thank you message for signing up to recurring payments better worded for different frequency types.
  • Enable Invoice Me, Pay Later options to work with Stripe


  • For new recurring membership types, the Recurring Payment is set to Active, vs. Awaiting Verification
  • Correction to tax calculation when the tax method is set to Amounts do no include tax.
  • Correction to webhook to cater for duplicate webhook calls
  • Enabled PayPal for Events module
  • For free text entry of amount, made correction to error if entering amount, then straight away clicking on PayPal button


  • Activity history recorded against refunds
  • Merchant Facility, Validation rule added to check correct environment used for Stripe, Payment Express
  • Allowed reparentable for Account Subscriptions and all other Master/Details relationship objects
  • Import files now shows a more descriptive error if there is an issue with a date field.
  • New text field use for Cheque/Check Number.  This will enable the entry and storage of numbers with leading zeros.
  • Shopify Integration will now assign the default campaign if entered on the Payment Form.

6.11 Upgrade Notes

  • From Classic Only.  Setup > Create > Objects.  Click into Payment Txn.  Edit fieldset "manualPaymentPayInfo".  Remove "Cheque Number (OLD)", add "Cheque No."
  • You may wish to use dataloader to migrate all Payment Txn with a value in Cheque Number (Old) to "Cheque No."