6.7 February 2018

6.7 Release Notes

Payment Form Builder (Beta)

  • Intuitive drag and drop form builder
  • Removes complexity and need to know/understand fieldset names
  • Enables forms to be unique in layouts, field arrangement, labels, help text and required/optional

Lightning Styling Updates

  • Manual Payments
  • Card Update
  • Card Expiry Update
  • Token Charge
  • Refund
  • Lead/Account/Contact  New/Edit Page override
  • Lead/Account/Contact  Address updates


  • New PayPal integration added to Modern Form.  Includes Charge/Refund, Authorisation/Complete.  Note: no recurring
  • Enabled as lightbox, making it easier to embed in your website and less confusing for end user

Modern Checkout Form

  • Added new option “Optimistic saving speed boost”.  This skips a step of saving the transaction to the database first and processes the card to save on time.
  • Updated Modern form to save Payment Txn details first before processing.  This enables validation rules to work.


  • Created new Modern form version of registration form.  Enables use of modern theming and use of form builder
  • Added new option in Payment Form that enables registration details to be saved in cookies and defaulted for the next registration.  Particularly useful for organisations where people might sign up for multiple courses.
  • Added warning note on attendee step that notifies user that they need to enter attendee details and press save.  Added to clarify the steps required.
  • Calendar saving now correctly calculates start/end time for all time zones


  • Meta data updated even if the card payment fails
  • Merchant Fee updated to be more accurate for different setups of Stripe

Issues addressed

  • Some buttons had an incorrect retURL parameter.  This caused an invalid page redirect error after the Salesforce Winter 18 release update.
  • Removed membership Amount field label from Family Members section in Group Membership Types on Modern Form

General Updates

  • Recurring Processor max per batch changed to 250,000

6.7 Upgrade Notes

  • Lightning: setup > [Quick Find: Objects].  Select "Object Manager".  Click into Merchant Facility. Select Fields & Relationships. Click into Field "Payment Gateway Options".  Add a new value "Optimistic saving speed boost" to ALL record types.  Save.
  • Lightning: setup > [Quick Find: Objects].  Select "Object Manager".  Click into Payment Form. Select Page Layouts. Add button "Payment Form Builder (Beta)".  Save.
  • Enable registration details to be saved in cookies and defaulted for the next registration - Go to Payment Form > Click edit page layout > drag "No of days to remember details" field from the top menu onto page layout.