Payments2Us ManualsPayments2Us User Manual Memberships/SubscriptionsHow to manage subscriptions - charge on shipment

How to manage subscriptions - charge on shipment

1. Charge payment before shipping

Navigate to the Subscription Issue Tab, Select the appropriate filter

1.2. Select the payment form set up based on issues

Select the Issue you would like to process

1.3. Select the Payment Generation button

The Payment Generation button will look for all recurring payments that are active and have 'On Shipment' set in the Recurring Payment field. Refer: How to set up subscriptions - charge on shipment

1.4. Select the 'Set Current Issue' button

If you have not previously set this as the current issue, then you will get a warning (1) advising of this.

Press "Set Current Issue" (2) before continuing

1.5. Select the Process button to confirm payment

1.6. Check the progress and select Close when finished

2. Generate data for mail out

This step ensures that data for subscribers is updated in the system.

The mailout data is generated from a database object called "Subscription Issue Item".  This is a link between the "Subscription Issue" and the "Subscription" (Subscriber)

2.2. Select the Mailout Generation button

2.3. Check details and process

2.4. Check the Batch Apex Jobs is complete and close

2.5. Check your email for mailout details

3. Run Mailout

3.2. Select Mailout button according to your needs

  1. Single issue
  2. Final subscription issue
  3. Multiple issues in the one mailout
  4. All subscriptions that are due for that issue

3.3. Check report and print or export